Wedding Toasts are nerve racking and can give butterflies to even the most confident public speaker. If you are giving a toast at an upcoming wedding here are six rules to follow that will ensure that your toast is a success:

1.   Keep It Short. Especially if there are a few other toasts. If it is much longer you probably won’t lose the bride and groom’s attention but you might start losing some of the guest’s attention.

2.   Practice. Practice. Practice. Make sure you know what you are going to say before you stand up especially if not comfortable speaking in front of groups. You don’t want to wing it and then end up saying something you didn’t intend to say.

3.   Speak From the Heart. Enough said here.

Merrily Wed Wedding - Jennifer Baciocco Photography

Merrily Wed Wedding - Ben Chrisman Photography

Merrily Wed Wedding - Dave G. of Ben Chrisman Photography


4.   Be Tactful. Don’t embarrass the bride and groom on their special day; the point is to say something nice about them. You can be funny just don’t be inappropriate, there is going to be a mixed crowd so make sure to watch your language, keep it PG.

5.   Etiquette. Make sure that you are standing so everyone can see you while giving your toast. Look at the couple as you are speaking, you are speaking about them so keep eye contact. Raise your glass at the end so everyone knows to raise their glass as well.

6.   Don’t Get Toasted. It is common that people want to calm their nerves by drinking before but make sure to not get too carried away before the toast. You might only embarrass yourself or the bride and groom and that’s not what you want to do!

With the help of these six simple rules your toast should be a success. Remember to be yourself – the bride and groom chose you to speak because you are special to them and they believe in you, so just believe in yourself and your toast will turn out fantastic.