Tahoe Weddings & COVID-19

During this unprecedented time it is our greatest hope that you are staying healthy and adapting the best you can to the changes to your every day life that the Coronavirus has dictated. This last week definitely has been a whirlwind of news and information for Tahoe weddings and COVID-19.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends social distancing and restricting large gatherings (no more than 10 people). This greatly impacts so, so many Tahoe weddings that were planned to take place within the next 3 months and the growing reality is that they will need to be postponed to a later date.

My words cannot convey enough how our hearts break for you, all the couples postponing and rescheduling their dream Tahoe weddings and the couples faced with this looming decision. We completely understand the emotional roller coaster that you are on but this is the time to breathe, remain positive and stay calm (and have that extra glass of wine!).

If you are getting married in 2020, the below FAQs can help to address the next steps and questions related to the COVID-19 virus and Lake Tahoe weddings. We are here at Merrily Wed to help however we can, we know that postponing a wedding is a difficult decision with many ramifications and logistical issues. We are here to help guide you through this process, be the extra shoulder for you to lean on and provide as much assistance as we can.


If you would like to discuss your 2020 Tahoe wedding over the phone, Skype or Zoom, please feel free to use this link to schedule a time, we would love to offer our professional advice as best we can. You can also please connect with us through our Inquiry Form.


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From our industry colleagues and the editors at Style Me Pretty:


Unfortunately, any couple whose wedding was planned for sometime in the next 3 months needs to postpone and reschedule the wedding for a later date. As much as weddings matter, people matter more. And it’s our social responsibility to make sure we’re keeping not just our loved ones safe, but the community at large. Couples will still get to celebrate and that is still so important, but right now it’s more important that we think about the greater good and keeping others safe.

Any weddings planned for the next 3 months need to get postponed unless it’s a local elopement (with just the two of you). But even any weddings beyond 3 months need to start thinking about postponement. Any weddings that require people to travel (especially international destination weddings) should consider postponement or adjusting locations. Any weddings over 50 guests will want to start thinking about postponing or downsizing. But beyond the type of wedding you’re having, it’s important to also assess how you feel. Your level of comfort and fear (for yourself and your guests) will play a big factor in your decision to postpone. If you want your wedding to be 100% safe, you’re going to have to postpone until things have calmed down and you’re no longer putting people in danger.


Begin the process of rescheduling as soon as possible. All of your vendors may not be available on the same future date, but choose your top 4 or 5 and see if you can get them to align. The remaining will fall into place and the community is working together to assist with referrals whenever possible. Stay positive and do your best to stay calm, this unfortunate situation is beyond your control. If you are forced to reschedule know this is for the best interest of you, your family and friends. Postpone rather than cancel, you can still have the wedding of your dreams and your vendors will make that happen. While this situation is very challenging, don’t panic. Trust your vendor team and know that we are all doing everything we can to help you reschedule and still have the amazing wedding that you’ve been dreaming of. And, stay focused on the end result.

Stay positive and do your best to stay calm, this unfortunate situation is beyond your control. If you are forced to reschedule know this is for the best interest of you, your family and friends. Postpone rather than cancel, you can still have the wedding of your dreams and your vendors will make that happen.


The venue’s (availability) should be your first call for available dates. Then your next top 4-5 vendors. Be open to a Friday or Sunday. If a Friday or Sunday is not desirable, be open to a winter wedding or a spring/summer 2021 wedding.


If you have a wedding website, first renew the domain (most expire in a year). Then, update the website with all information regarding a new date. Draft an e-mail / text message to your guests informing them that for their safety and yours you have decided to postpone. Let them know you’ve successfully rescheduled to a new date and that your wedding website will be updated with any further information.

Guests are expecting to hear — they WANT to know, and they will be understanding. Use an email as the main platform and perhaps an Instagram post as a follow up.Telephone calls are best for the elderly – it’s best if they hear it directly from the bride and groom.

An email could be along these lines:

To our Dearest Loved Ones,
We have made the difficult decision to move our wedding to a later date, due to the current health threats. We love you all dearly and our collective safety is our highest priority. We look forward to celebrating our wedding when all of our guests are able to attend and enjoy the experience to the fullest. We will be in touch as soon as we have more information about when that will be.

Thank you so much for all of your support, love and understanding.



Start by re-reading your contracts and understand what you originally agreed to. And then talk to your vendors and find out what happens if you postpone/cancel. Keep a list of the information for each vendor so you can easily reference it as needed. This sheet will also help if/when you start discussing new dates so you can keep track of who is available on which dates. Once you have a new date or you cancel with a vendor, make sure you get a new proposal and contract amendment with that information. For those not postponing or cancelling at this time but have a wedding this year, it’s important to start thinking about a Plan B.

Start thinking about postponement or cancellation in case you need to make that decision so you know what you want to do. Get that same information from your vendors, so that you’re ready if/when the time comes. And for any vendors you haven’t contracted but are talking to, make sure you have a discussion about their policies and you feel comfortable with them before you sign. Given the state of things and the uncertainty, you need to be make sure you’re covered and you understand what could happen if postponement or a cancellation has to happen.

There is going to be an influx of weddings for Fall / Winter 2020 due to the amount of reschedules, so current clients who are booked and actively planning at this time should continue to secure vendors.



Please inquire with us regarding our available dates for Tahoe weddings in the late summer, fall and early winter. These dates are constantly changing (change is our new constant!) so I am not posting any dates here.


With Love, Light and Hope,