Sarah and Ryan always envisioned their ceremony in a church but the question remained – where to have the rest??  This is where we stepped in and found the reception location they couldn’t even dream about.  Their quintessential wedding site was nestled on a lawn perched above the jewel blue waters of Lake Tahoe outlined by the snowcapped Sierras.  Jaws dropped when the setting was unveiled to their guests on their June 2010 wedding day!

The color palette of white, pewter silver and spring green was modernized with splashes of magenta and the outcome was breathtakingly sophisticated and tailored.  Personalized touches of Sarah and Ryan were woven through out the celebration from the stick rock candy at the coffee bar to the individualized hand tied flip-flops and color coordinated pashminas for the guests to the wildly popular and colossal photo board of the couple through the years.

The love between this couple was felt by all lucky enough to attend…  Ceremonial Cinema gives us a moving glimpse into this chic and tailor-made wedding.