Color is an important aspect of the world we live in.  The ones that you love and you choose to surround yourself with says something about your personality, your outlook and some can even affect you physically.  Your color choices from the paint on your walls, to the clothes you are wearing today and to the linen and flowers at your wedding all give a glimpse into the inner you!  Everyone has a favorite color; some might even have more than one.  Find out what your favorite color means, and how the colors you choose for your wedding can influence the overall feel of your wedding day.


Photo courtesy of Laura Taylor


Red is the most intense color of the color wheel.  Red stimulates energy as well as increases enthusiasm.  Red symbolizes love, passion, courage and rage.  Red also emits a sense of protection from anxiety and fears.  If red is your favorite color you are passionate, maintain a busy lifestyle, desire strength and may be a risk taker.

Pink is fun and exciting, some shades of pink can have almost the same energy as red.  Red is passionate without being an overly aggressive hue.   Pink is the color of happiness. Pink stimulates energy, encourages action and confidence.  If pink is your favorite color you tend to be calm, sensitive and sympathetic.  You are also compassionate towards others and dislike controversy.

Orange, a close relative of red, radiates warmth and energy.  Orange stimulates appetite, socialization, as well as activity.  If your favorite color is orange you are friendly, confident and full of energy.  You balance your life with business and pleasure and enjoy both!

Yellow shines with optimism, enlightenment and happiness. Yellow is mentally stimulating and encourages communication.  Yellow will increase optimism, energy, as well as spark creative thoughts.  If yellow is your favorite color you are creative, intelligent and happiness comes naturally to you.

Green occupies more space in the color wheel than any other color and is the second most popular favorite color. Green is a large contributor to the colors of nature.  The color green is seen as tranquil and refreshing, with a balance of cool and warm hues.  Most shades of green are known to be physically and mentally relaxing.  If green is your favorite color you enjoy the nature that surrounds you and love spending time in the outdoors.  You also enjoy calming your loved ones, as well as helping the less fortunate.

Teal has the calming effect of both green and blue.  Teal represents sophistication, generosity and creativity.  Teal encourages communication as well as creativity.  If your favorite color is teal you tend to be sensitive, intellectual, imaginative and charming.  You also tend to be self-reliant and independent.

The color blue is the most common favorite color in the world.  Blue is seen as trustworthy, dependable and committed.  It invokes rest and can cause the body to produce chemicals that are calming.  Not all blues are serene, bright blues can become dramatic and cause exhilaration.  Blue is the least gender specific color, it appeals equally to both genders.  If your favorite color is blue, friends find you to be very trustworthy and patient.  You are also conservative and love to have stability in your life.

Navy symbolizes wisdom, self-mastery and spiritual realization.  Navy, being a shade of blue, increases communication within yourself.  Navy develops intuition, increases solitude and lets you focus on personal issues.  If navy is your favorite color you are spiritual, intuitive and intelligent.  You are also self-reliant and tend to take on responsibility.

Purple balances red’s stimulation and blue’s calming effect.  With a sense of royalty, purple is a color often well liked by very creative personalities.  Purple is uplifting, calms nerves, as well as encourages creativity.  If purple is your favorite color, you desire respect, power and often tend to be sentimental.

White projects purity, neutrality and cleanliness.  The color white encourages clarity and enables fresh beginnings.  White also encourages clearing clutter and purifying thoughts and actions.  If white is your favorite color, you prefer a peaceful surrounding and like to be surrounded by truth and innocence.

Grey is the color of knowledge, wisdom and intellect.  Grey is also known as the color of compromise because it is a mixture of powerful black and pure white.   Grey can sometimes be unsettling because of this compromise, but can also create expectations.  If grey is your favorite color you constantly look for peace and composure.  You  have good business abilities and tend to work hard, sometimes without reward.

Black is authoritative, powerful, formal and evokes strong emotions.  The color black can create a sense of potential and possibility.  If black is your favorite color you are classy and others perceive you as a powerful individual.  You are very in tune with your emotions and can be spontaneous.

Brown symbolizes stability, reliability and approachability.  Brown is the color of earth and is affiliated with being natural and organic.  Brown creates a feeling of wholesomeness, stability and orderliness.  If your favorite color is brown you are dependable, patient and reliable.  You also tend to not like impulse, because you are organized and everything is well planned.

Champagne represents the basics, the essentials.   Champagne incorporates the warmth of brown with the crispness of white.   Champagne creates a feeling that is calm, relaxing  and creates a feeling of simplicity.  If your favorite color is champagne, you are conservative, dependable and friendly.  You also tend to be a perfectionist and like everything to be precise.


As you can see, colors may mean a lot more than you might have thought.  A single description may not fit you perfectly and it may be a combination of colors that suite you best.  Consider these meanings when selecting the colors for your wedding to evoke the feeling that you desire on your wedding day.  Most importantly, just have fun with it, go with your favorites and your wedding will be a true reflection of yourself!